About Diyomi Soft

Globally-focused, mobile-first platform for publishers & app developers

Reach your audience

Access 50M ad impressions daily from 10M high quality users and maintain quality KPI’s at scale.

High Performance Traffic

Reach a targeted and engaged audience that delivers over 10,000 conversions daily for our advertisers.

Ad Awareness

Feel reassured knowing we have safe guard mechanisms to protect you from fraud traffic.

Optimization Algorythm

It makes no difference whether you’re trying to drive installs on CPI or trying to acquire new users on CPL; everyone wants better performance.

High Impact Ad Units

Formats include full screen Site-unders, Interstitials, Overlays, Push ads, and Floating / Sticky banners. All ad units are designed for the best user engagement.

Support & Tools

Detailed statistics and easy to use console. AM is available 24hours for any problem.

What we Do

Our integrated mobile monetization solution bringing mobile, native and programmatic together on a unified platform

Dynamic Revenue Increase

We created a ‘super auction’ where the best available demand source is evaluated for every impression to maximize yield on an impression-by-impression basis.

Full Monetization Controls

Diyomi Soft offers publishers full pricing controls and built-in optimization automation. Easily create a native ad app or mobile site in a variety of formats.

Demand Partners

Our platform allows publishers to manage 200+ DSPs, 100+ directly integrated ad networks and their own ad network relationships within a single platform.

Private Marketplace

Create exclusive and premium deals for native, video, rich media or standard ad units through private exchange or preferred deal buying models.

SDK Mediation

Integrate a new or existing account with major SDK-enabled ad networks you're already working with into your demand stack.


We allows publishers to quickly monetize their properties through a very simple three-step setup process, all while charging no ad serving and fees.